Last week I called to get a quote on my 1992 Honda Accord that I smashed up a few years back. I was going to scrap it, but Junkcarbuyersdirect.com gave me WAY more money than I could have got from the scrap yard. Thanks Junkcarbuyersdirect.com!!

Ryan, Livonia, MI

I just moved to the Big City and don’t need a vehicle anymore. I have a 92 F-150, so I wasn’t going to get much for it if I tried to sell it so I tried out Junkcarbuyersdirect.com. I was able to pay one month’s rent AND utilities with the money I made!

Chris, Birmingham, MI

I bought a house in Hanover, Pennsylvania, on the countryside, and unfortunately (or fortunately!) there were a couple of junk cars in the barn. I was not looking forward to having to deal with them and then I found Junkcarbuyersdirect.com. I was expecting to spend a few hundred dollars to get rid of them and instead they paid me to take them! I am about $1K richer and my barn is clean. WIN, WIN!

Judy, Canton, Mi

I don’t believe in buying new cars. I bought a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta in 2000 and drove it to the ground, literally, there were rust holes through the floor! On my way to work, the transmission blew and I knew it was the end. I called Junkcarbuyersdirect.com and within 24 hours they picked it up and gave me cash! How easy is that?

Caroline, Royal Oak, Mi

This was an unbelievably easy process. Sold my car and had cash in hand on the same day!

Larry, Warren, MI

I called Junkcarbuyersdirect.com to get rid of my son’s 1995 Ford Focus. He totaled it, and didn’t have collision, so we were at a total loss, so we thought.¬†Junkcarbuyersdirect.com put cash in our pocket fast, which allowed us to get him back on the road!

Deborah, Farmington hills, Mi

Thanks so much! I called this morning to sell my car and within 20 minutes the tower called to schedule the SAME DAY pickup. I will be referring all my friends to Junkcarbuyersdirect.com!

Sarah Beth, Novi, Mi

I have used three different car buy back services, but by far, Junkcarbuyersdirect.com is my favorite! From the friendly staff, to the PROMPT service, everything went perfectly smooth and I got so much more than I expected for my car!

Jason, Detroit, Mi

Very quick service! I can’t believe how much money I got for my Oldsmobile, which didn’t even run anymore! It was fast and easy the way it should be.

Irene, Detroit, Mi

Working with Junkcarbuyersdirect.com was an unbelievably simple process. The woman I spoke with on the fun was so nice, the towtruck driver was very respectful of my newly-turfed yard as he got the car out of the shed, and he gave me cash on the spot. Junkcarbuyersdirect.com was the third service I called and I knew right away that they were the ones. They picked up my car on a Sunday and gave me the same amount of money as they said they were going to when I called the first time. If I ever have another junk car, Junkcarbuyersdirect.com will be the first call I make.

Bob, Bloomfield, Mi

My daughter has been driving around my old 1999 Chevy Tahoe, and seriously EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong with the truck has. We couldn’t handle the expenses anymore, so we wanted to get rid of it as fast as we could. Junkcarbuyersdirect.com gave us so much money for it!

Daniel, Troy, Mi

I called Junkcarbuyersdirect.com today and within 3 hours my junk car was gone and I received the money I was promised. I would recommend Junkcarbuyersdirect.com to anyone!

Diane, Livonia, Mi

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you! I recommend Junkcarbuyersdirect.com to anyone who has a junk car lying around. Typically I don’t trust sites like this, as I feel like you get ripped off, but myself, my brother, and my best friend have all sold our trucks to you and we couldn’t be happier.

Brody, Dearborn, Mi

I have had a parted out car sitting in my barn for the past 6 months just taking up space. It has become a total eye-sore and I just wanted it gone…never did I know I would receive so much money for it! One phone call and the car was picked up within hours!

Walter, Taylor, Mi

I have been telling my wife that I was going to fix up my blown 1990 Toyota Camry for three years. She told me either the car or I had to go so I made a call and the car was picked up the same day! Thanks for saving my marriage. HAHA!

Jon, Southgate, Mi

The tow truck driver just left my house and I must say, he was great! Thanks so much for providing such FAST service!

Lizzy, Monroe, Mi

I had three cars flooded by Hurricane Sandy, two of them were registered and insured, but the other one was just sitting in the garage. I wasn’t going to get anything for it, but then someone suggested Junkcarbuyersdirect.com. I got money for my car and the car removed in the same day!

David, Macomb, Mi

This company is a pleasure to work with. My car was picked up today and I got a lot of money! Thank you!

TJ, Romeo, Mi

I can’t believe how much money I got for my old Buick! I couldn’t have even got that much money if I parted it out, or scrapped it! It gives me a whole other reason to drive my cars to the ground. Thanks!

Raj, Rochester Hills, Mi

I have needed a new car for over a month, after I totaled my car but I couldn’t afford one without getting something for the old one. Thanks to Junkcarbuyersdirect.com I was able to purchase a different car! Thank you so much for getting this piece of junk off my hands!

Lindsay, Auburn Hills, Mi