Sell Junk Car Ann Arbor

sell junk car annarbor
Are you looking to sell your old or unused vehicle for some extra cash this holiday season? There’s no need holding on to your beat up car just for sentimental value, and it’s especially futile dumping more money into it when you know its time is near – if not past. And rather than letting it rot away while parallel parked across the street from your apartment where it’s liable to get injured and vandalized further, one easy call to Junk Car Buyers Direct can lift the weight from your shoulders and add it to your wallet. Consider us Ann Arbor, MI’s personal junk vehicle pickup and payout service.
There’s hardly need for a car in Ann Arbor, what with all its rampant pedestrianism and downtown urban infrastructure, let alone a car that barely runs and is a general eyesore, especially amongst the abundant architecture and sculptures. So, don’t waste you time sweating it or your money trying to fix it. Just make one simple phone call and have it quoted, towed away and out of your life for no cost to you, and get paid generously in cash all on the day you contact us.
There’s almost no easier way to make money, and have a problem solved, to boot. Don’t let this Ann Arbor winter turn your car into the next avant-garde statue in front of the library. Call Junk Car Buyers Direct and let us pay you cash for your junk vehicle today.