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Do you have any idea what the approximate value of your old, even dead junk car is? It should come as no surprise that cars are built using a number of valuable metals that retain value even after the car that they were a part of has ceased working. At Junk Car Buyers Direct, we want to take that rusty old eyesore off your hands and replace it with a nice stack of cash for whatever you might like to spend it on. As Metro Detroit’s most convenient and best paying junk car buyer, we want to make the process as easy, quick and lucrative as possible for you.

Throughout your vehicle, working or otherwise, there are a number of metals that are worth something whether your car is operating or not. The majority of your car is composed of steel, although much of your car’s engine is cast aluminum. A great deal of the electronics in your car are wired with copper, and sometimes the exhaust system is made from stainless steal, while lead can be found in a few places including the car’s battery. Platinum and palladium can even be found in the catalytic converter. All around, your car, no matter how beat up or worn down, has a variety of metals that can be harvested and turned into cash for you.

While each of these metals will appear in your car in varying amounts, and will also vary in value, there is usually several hundred, sometimes a thousand dollars worth of scrap metal just laying in wait in your old or unused vehicle. Let Junk Car Buyers Direct help you get that money into you pocket today!